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Pictured below are the Smolucha family with game taken with their Ithaca shotguns. Stan writes, "My new Model 37 is working beautifully and gets smoother with each hunt. Thanks again for customizing mine with the corn cob grip as requested. It looks and feels great!! All the pictures here feature family, all with our beloved Ithacas. Great memories for a dad and daughter made with the help of an Ithaca!! As I have said many times before, we love our Ithaca's. Every time we pick them up, memories of hunts and hunting partners past and future fill the room. Those Ithaca's have bonded our family and filled our freezers through the years.  We have feasted on great wild game dinners, all courtesy of Ithaca.  Timeless and priceless good times.  Thanks again for making such a fine product."

Stan, Jim, Mike, & Sara Smolucha


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