Turkey Slayer in camo finish


You spend hours sitting and calling that first Tom on opening day and he won't come any closer than 50 yards.

Not to worry, with the Ithaca Turkey Slayer®, you can take that shot. Available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge, the Turkey Slayer® barrel is fixed to the receiver to provide outstanding accuracy.

Quote from one of our customers - "If it tears up a turkey as well as it tears up a paper target it will be great. It's a beautiful gun and holds an excellent, tight pattern".

The Turkey Slayer® features:

•Available in 12 gauge or 20 gauge

•A receiver that is machined from a single block of steel

•Solderless Barrel System: strongest, truest barrel of any shotgun

•A lengthened forcing cone to reduce recoil and shot deformation

•Crisp 4-6lb. trigger pull

•Available with True Timber Camo finish

  See below for full features and specifications.


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Turkey Slayer in synthetic black



Turkey Slayer with thumbhole stock
 Turkey Slayer Features
Features Benefits
3" Chamber Shoot 3" shells
Fixed barrel Superior accuracy
Briley Extended Extra Full Choke Tubes, 6.75 diameter Superior patterning
Truglo® High visibility red fiber optic front sight High visibility red fiber optic sight standard
Choice of 3 kinds of stocks: Camo, Synthetic, or Thumbhole Comfortable shooting, outstanding durability
Pachmayr 752 Decelerator® Recoil Pad~black Superior kick-reducing properties
Lengthened Forcing Cone Reduces recoil and shot deformation
5 shot capacity (4+1) with red safety follower Quick follow-up shots
Available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge Offers a choice of power and weight
Includes gun and owners manual. Ithaca wants your Turkeyslayer® to last a long time and be used safely
 Turkey Slayer® Specifications
Stock Weight
12 Gauge
20 Gauge
Length of Pull Drop at Comb Drop at Heel Overall Gun Length
Camo 7.6 Lbs 7.2 Lbs 14.00" 1.375" 2.00" 44.25" with 24" barrel
Synthetic 7.6 Lbs 7.2 Lbs 14.00" 1.375" 2.00" 44.25" with 24" barrel
Thumbhole 8.2 Lbs 7.8 Lbs 14.25" 0.750" 1.125" 44.75" with 24" barrel