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The Ithaca Deerslayer III is designed for extreme accuracy at long ranges.

Barrel and receiver are both carved out of solid pieces of steel and CNC machined to aerospace tolerances by American craftsmen using American steel.

This attention to manufacturing precision yields a gun that is built like no other.

The Deerslayer III is capable of shooting four inch groups at 200 yards. It’s as close to a big bore rifle that shoots saboted slugs as you can get.

The Deerslayer II brings Deerslayer accuracy to a lighter gun that is easier
to travel with in the field.

Call us at 419-294-4113 for more information on how you can own one of the finest slug guns available in the world today!

  This is Ben Loy from Key Largo Florida and his 8 year old daughter Reagan, who’s a huge Ithaca Gun fan. Ben took Reagan
on her first hunt at their family farm in Indiana, and she bagged an 11 point buck with her 12 gauge Deerslayer III. And,
not to be outdone, Daddy got a 7 point! Congrats from Ithaca Gun Company to the expert hunter . . . and her dad.


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