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"I had called off and on since daybreak, only hearing a couple very distant gobbles. About 9 am I was standing in a grove of trees near an area I call "The Wyoming Stand", when I thought I'd try and call one more time before heading on in to work. I hit my Primos box call real soft and immediately got a responding gobble, about 100 yards away through
the trees. I quickly set out a decoy and got back in
the trees a little ways in my turkey lounge chair and

waited. He answered my soft calls a couple more times and then went silent. After about 20 minutes of nothing I decided he had slipped away to pursue some other lady and I lowered my head to rest my eyes when I heard the rustle of dry leaves in the woods before me. I opened my eyes just as he let out a loud gobble. Slowly I raised my Ithaca Model 37 12 Gauge with a 24” turkey barrel and made a 51 yard successful
shot to bring down my 20.2 lb. Spring bird for 2016."

Thank You Ithaca!
Rick Carr - Oklahoma



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