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Ohio Hall of Fame Shooter Richard Vance

Richard is the National Invitational 28 Gauge Tournament Champion. He was the Small Gauge HOA Champion at the 2016 Ohio Championships, and the National Pump Gun Champion in 2007. Richard was inducted into the Ohio Sporting Clays Hall of Fame in 2010.

Richard's 97 topped the field of 50 shooters on the rainy weekend when hurricane Michael was pushing its way up the Atlantic coast, October 8. Misty rain was the order of the day as the National Invitational played out. Heavier rains settled in for the afternoon FITASC.

Richard is retired, and shoots nearly every weekend. He especially enjoys the "specialty shoots", the small gauge events, sixteen gauge shoots and vintage events. He participates in the NSCA Master Class.

Rick Carr of Okmulgee Oklahoma writes "Before the Oklahoma bow season had even started I had already acquired a photo album of buck pictures with my trailcam, and on the first day of season I climbed into my stand with these pictures in my mind. As the afternoon started to turn gray I noticed two bucks appear and start eating acorns at the far end of the field. After what seemed like hours of waiting and just seconds of daylight left, they finally came into range. I settled my pin in my sights and took the shot. I watched as the Bucks left the same way they had come in, and I felt good about the shot. After I waited about thirty minutes I found the buck crashed about 20 yards inside the tree line.


Reagan Loy (pictured on left below) .....shot her first ten-point buck in Indiana last year at only 9 Years old with her Ithaca shotgun. This year she guided her mom Kaitlynn (pictured on right) toward getting her own first buck too. It may not be as big as Reagans, but Mom has to start somewhere! With Reagans help maybe she’ll get a big buck someday too! The photo on the bottom shows Reagan (now age 10) with this years 7 point.


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